WIIC was one of several proud co-sponsors of a great event that happened on Saturday, October 7, 2017. 

The Agape community, of Hardwick, MA, hosted a beautiful gathering, with the featured speaker of

Avrol Looking Horse

It included several other Native tribal leaders that came and spoke on the theme of "Standing Rock is Happening Everywhere", and how it's manifesting in their communities. 

Those who were able to attend had a great opportunity to hear directly from these Native leaders and activists on their perspectives of where we stand now, and what we can do going forward. 

(See flyer below)​

This all day event included Native speakers, traditional ceremonies, drumming and singing, healing jingle dress dance and other happenings.

The event concluded in an all inclusive Water Ceremony, after which, WIIC gifted Chief Looking Horse with the cedar box(pictured above), in gratitude for coming to share his presence,  teachings and energy with all of us. 

What a great experience!

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